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About Us

We are Visual Effects and CG Graphics Design Producing Group In Nepal, Kathmandu working high level graphics creation national and international wise.

Our Company

We very much believe in close, consultative relationships with our clients. From the outset, you will have a dedicated designer allocated to you for the duration of your project who will keep you informed of progress at every stage (either in person/over the phone or by e-mail) and gain all necessary approvals. We will listen carefully and then use our knowledge, experience and resources to advise and guide you to a great result.

Drawing of computer; Size=240 pixels wide

Our Business Philosophy

Our mission statement or purpose could go here. For example, we emphasize creating a high-quality result and servicing clients in a professional and efficient manner. We only involve with reputable VFX artists and assistants, so we have confidence in the services we offer.

Nitin Chand